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Polo V Shirt

Traditionally I have always preferred a long sleeved buttoned shirt in my menswear looks however I have noticed lately that more and more men are wearing polo shirts in both office and casual situations, reviving days gone by.

I recently had the opportunity to work with Ted Baker who offer both casual and more formal menswear so I thought I would give both a more casual look utilising a polo shirt a go and compare it to a more formal suited style with a shirt. Below are my thoughts on both.

Casual polo look

I decided on the crisp white short sleeved polo shirt due to its versatility with other colours. The polo shirt looks and feels more casual due to the ribbed material, which breaths well, and I like the tighter fit. For this look I went with the shirt untucked as it works better with the bomber jacket but could easily be tucked in with a suit jacket.

The three buttons look good done up, for a slightly more styled look, or left undone for a more causal vibe if its a warmer day for some ventilation. Either option can work with a casual look, as pictured, or with a suit which I will often revert to on a warmer day.

The chinos and bomber jacket make this a great casual style perfect for weekend catch ups with mates or, depending on your office dress code, a solid casual Friday look.

Suit and shirt look

The suit and shirt options at Ted Baker are tremendous with lots of colour and fit options. With the suit I went with a slight checked pattern design, mainly because I already have a suit in the standard grey, black and navy and also because I like things to be a little different than the norm.

Like with everything fit is key and this suit fits perfect for off the rack, requiring no alterations, which is rare (you should always get your clothes altered to fit you the best that they can, the minor extra $ to do so is well worth it not only for look but also for feel).

The shirt is linen and therefore perfect for the warmer months. Again the fit is on point and therefore whilst this is a suit and shirt look it almost feels a bit casual, linen as a material tends to have this effect. Again, the buttons done all the way up gives a more formal look, which is a middle ground between a tie and unbuttoned shirt which is obviously more casual.

The Verdict

Given I am more of a traditional type of person I think I will always slightly prefer the suit and shirt option as the best way to put your best version of yourself out into the world. However, since incorporating two short sleeved polo shirts, this white one and a olive green, into my wardrobe I have paired these with various suits to create some different styles that are both semi formal and casual at the same time. I can see the real value that the polo shirt can bring to a man's fashion ensemble and will be utilising these more moving forward. The next step will be to get a couple of long sleeved polo shirts as these look really fashion forward tucked into a pair of well fitting suit trousers.