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Are you making a difference?

During a very relaxing three weeks off over Christmas and New Year I found myself asking the question what do I really enjoy doing and what difference I want to make in the world. To some it might sound like I am going through a mid life crisis but I have come to the realisation more than ever that we are not here for a long time so we should be doing the things that we love to do whilst making a meaningful difference in the world as this is the path to true happiness and fulfilment.

For me I have a passion for many things that I believe I can provide value to others. I truly believe in a holistic approach to life that covers all bases and make for a happy and healthy life.

Men's fashion is something that I am truly passionate about. I think there is great value in dressing well and putting your best foot forward. In Australia this is even more important in my opinion as men's fashion has become very relaxed in the last few decades and needs a turnaround. When compared to other more traditional fashion countries like Italy, England and America we are a long way separated in space and history however this presents an opportunity to create our own unique style that suits our climate and looks amazing.

Fitness and health is my second biggest passion and something that is growing everyday as I learn more about the right foods to eat, when and how much, fasting and the power of the cold. Sleep, fitness and relaxation/meditation are also critical components in this space which I feel generally people don't value as much as they should and due to this we are seeing a high proportion of the population being obese and increase in preventable diseases caused by poor diet and lack of exercise. All of these things will be elaborated on further in future articles this year and beyond as I learn and practice what the experts in these fields are doing and show you how these improvements have improved my life too.

The environment is also an area that I see a potential for major growth as humans have treated the planet with no respect and the exploitation of it by big business treating our home like a toilet to make profit. This is no doubt a huge issue but one that will come to a head very soon with reports that global warming is approaching a no turnaround point so will need urgent action from all. I want to investigate and invest in improved environmental technologies and practices locally, as well as do all the things that one can do at home, in the short and longer term. There are linkages to this issue in my current work of town planning which will again need big business to make major changes to improve environmental dwelling and building designs which will cost buyers more (will need government assistance here) and will reduce the builders large profits.

I encourage you to ask these questions as well and come to the realisation that time is short and that each and everyone of us has something unique that we excel at and love to do so we should be making moves toward that thing.

What is your passion, I would love to hear from you and how you are going to make changes to pursue it.