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High End Style - Angelo Galasso

Premium menswear brand Angelo Galasso have recently popped up on my radar. They offer some very high end garments that will set your style above and beyond the rest.

I was lucky enough to select four of their amazing items, a one of a kind burgundy velvet dinner jacket, a premium white shirt, a thick quality tie and pair of unique cream leather moccasins and below is my thoughts on what they have to offer.

Premium burgundy velvet dinner jacket

This jacket is absolutely the best item in my wardrobe. The incredible quality and once off design are perfect for an awards night or very special occasion. The large button details, along with the metal brand initials, pictured, have great individual flare. The fabric used for the lapels and the overall blazer are from the best mills in the world and have a depth that has the observer staring.

Premium white shirt

The quality of this shirt is exceptional. The material is thick but breathable and very comfortable to wear. Like the dinner jacket, the large button detail is very unique and a key style stand out. The collar is large and firm and provides a premium look. The tapered design also ensures the fit and look is perfect.

Tie and Moccasins

The tie is also a very high quality garment. It’s thickness ensures a large knot which gives a premium look.

The cream leather moccasins are such an incredible pair of shoes. Whilst some might not like the Angelo Galasso logo on the top of the shoes this gives a different edgy feel, which I like. The shoes are very comfortable and perfect for the warmer months. Although pictured with socks here, they are also a great no show sock shoe. The sole detail is also off the charts with the Angelo Galasso logo on each individual sprig.

Angelo Galasso also offer an amazing range of clothing that has been made with 24 carat gold. This range is very exclusive and includes one off pieces featuring a gold blazer, diamond and gold shoes, shirt with gold buttons, belts with gold buckle and jeans which have to be seen to be believed. Check them out, HERE.

The items pictured as well as the whole extensive range of Angelo Galasso brand are incredible and will turn heads worn anywhere.

All shots: Eli Francis