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Fast Track V8 Racing Fun

Well it’s time for some honesty. I’m a scaredy cat, I don’t like being out of my comfort zone and I am a control freak. That being said I realise that you can’t continue to live life and experience all that it has to offer living in a sheltered box so when I was asked to drive a V8 Super Car beast around a race track I threw caution to the wind and accepted.

I could choose a plus one so I chose my best mate, Telf who I knew would love the experience, being a bit of a rev head and ex go kart racer.

The morning was brisk and the track, Mallala, is located north of Adelaide, over an hour from where we live. Once we arrived there was a series of steps to go through. Confirmation of booking was first and our package included 6 laps. Telf bumped that up to the maximum 10 for each of us, which was very generous.

We then got a USB to record the drive and went to get kitted up in racing suit, helmet and watch a orientation video. By this time if I am honest I was quite nervous for a few reasons. I’m not the biggest fan of a manual car, these were manual. I was a little worried about not being able to handle the power and crash.

So reservations aside we went off to choose our cars. I used to own a Holden so naturally chose one of them. Once I got in the car the co-driver ran through some tips and explained that he will coach me via a microphone and ear piece in the helmet and to do what he says.

So I was all set. First job start the car and drive off. Only problem was that I stalled the car and was immediately pissed at myself, lol,

Once I got going it was brilliant. The first lap was to get a feel for the car and where to position myself on the track and the gears to use for certain corners. There are markers on the track to guide when to break and accelerate, also backed up by the co-driver.

By the 4th lap onwards I was getting into a rhythm pushing a bit harder and breaking later on every corner and getting quicker on the straights. At one point I noticed that the co-driver also has a break and he was assisting on breaking for corners where I might break that fraction of second late.

After the tenth lap I pulled into the straight and stopped. There was loads of adrenaline running through me and the co-driver was real happy with my progress. In the end I got my lap time down every lap and reached a top speed of 170km/hr which I was happy with on such a small track.

I highly recommend the Fast Track V8 Race experience to anyone, it pushes you out of your comfort zone and teaches you a lot about driving. Fast track runs out of most Australian capital cities so visit their website for more information.