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Furniture Style

Personal style doesn’t stop with what you like to wear and how you like to look. To me it’s also about your taste in architecture, interior design and design generally. As a Town Planner I enjoy how buildings work together in a street setting to form a character. The same is true for interior spaces. I also like to play with the layout of a room in my house and style the pieces together to create a unique modern look. Much like my men’s fashion tastes, I like furniture pieces that are not the main stream, are affordable and practical yet unique.

In my search for providers of unique yet affordable furniture pieces I came across Matt Blatt Furniture who focus on this very thing. Their showrooms are a busy space, with a lot going on visually, I was initially a bit overwhelmed. However, once I spent some time in each space and analysing what each piece was the gems reveal themselves. Whether you are after a couch, desk, dining table, lamp table, buffet table, stool, light fitting, funky decor or seats of all kinds they have it all. My favourite parts of the furniture offering are the different designs, materials and colours and unique retro pieces.

Going away from the mainstream furniture design can be a bit risky for some. The best way to start is with one funky statement piece first and see how that works and feels, my guess is that it will reveal how boring the rest of your furniture is and you will want more.

Finding Matt Blatt recently was a blessing as I was in the market for a new statement high backed comfortable chair for my office/studio. As soon as I saw the Papa Bear chair and ottoman, pictured below, I knew that I wanted it. I have chosen dark grey for the colour. The design appealed to me as a grandeur statement chair with a bit of a retro feel with timber arm rests and legs as highlights, which I love. I can see that I am going to fall asleep mid read in this chair, it’s so comfy.

The only problem I have now is that I have several Matt Blatt items on the wish list and deciding which one comes first is challenging, we are just going to have to go through each room one at a time. For us traditional furniture is no longer an option.

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