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Traveling with Citi Australia

There are some really amazing rewards programs out there when you get a new credit card these days and I think I have found one of the best with Citi Australia.

The reward Points can be used towards buying a whole bunch of cool gear from Apple products to sunglasses to watches. I used a lot of my points to help reduce the overall price of the iPhone X which has been a valuable asset for me.

But that’s not all. Planning a holiday? You can also take some of the cost out by transferring your Citi reward Points, earned on your Citi Signature Credit Card to the Velocity Australia frequent flyer points program.

When you arrive at your holiday destination and need to hire a car you get a discount of 10% off Hertz Australia car hire just by using your Citi Australia Signature Credit Card.

There are more rewards still. Just for being a cardholder, you get a free bottle of wine when dining at participating restaurants. So, I enjoyed some delicious Italian food at Jamie’s Italian and an award winning bottle of the Pinot Grigio from McWilliams wines, which paired perfectly with the food. I don’t know about you, but for me free wine is the best.

I have tried many of the credit card rewards programs out there and it is very hard to see how any compare to the Citi Australia Signature Card rewards program.

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