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Comfy/Stylish/Quality men's shoes

If you have not heard of or checked out men's stylish footwear specialists Bared Men's Footwear as yet you don't know what you are missing out on. The brand out of Melbourne has nailed the men's shoe offering with a range of styles and colours to suit any guys taste. Whether you are looking for more of a casual boot, some double monks or loafers for the Autumn/Winter period they have you covered.

Durability is a big feature of these well made beauties. The sole is sturdy and well made. Rubber grips are placed on the bottom of many of the designs so slipping on a smooth surface is not a problem. The leather is the highest quality and retains its shape and colour. I treated mine with a stain resistant spray to ensure no stains and water proofing are guaranteed.

One of the great things about the shoes is that you have a choice of two different sized inner soles. A thicker inner sole for added comfort and a thinner option to cater for those with orthotics so that your foot does not sit too high in the shoe. Both inner soles are incredibly comfortable.

Most of the picture range can be worn with socks or using no-show socks, however, my preference is with socks to avoid blisters.

Pictured: left Tan Scandium, right Tan Mercury.

Pictured: Tan Tungsten double monks

Price wise the range is middle of the range compared to other brands, around $289 per pair. However, the durability alone means these will last longer than the cheaper brands and therefore I recommend spending that little bit extra for higher quality.

Check out the full range at Bared Men's Footwear.

Pictured: Black Sodium

All Pics: Marco Marroni photographer

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