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My physical health regime, part 2

Looking fit and healthy is not just about going to the gym, its specifically what you do and how you do it that gets the results you are after.

Over the years I have fluctuated through many different gym workouts, over different days, for different number of days per week, different workout durations, you name it.

I have lifted really heavy with low repetitions and really light with high repetitions.

The key I think is to find out what body type you have and then work out the best way to make your body type look the best that it can.

I originally started out pretty hard at the gym lifting heavy and eating lots of protein and drinking lots of protein shakes to increase my muscle mass. I got up to 86 kilograms from 80 but quickly realised for my body type the amount of protein that I needed to consume to get the increase muscle mass was both expensive and time consuming preparing all the extra cooked meals.

My body type is tall and lean so I decided to focus on fat burning weight workouts that burn fat and therefore eventuate muscle mass. This mostly involves lighter weights at higher repetitions, really burning the muscle to exhaustion and getting up a major sweat. Another reason for the lighter approach is the stories I have heard of joint damage that can result from lifting excessively heavy weights over a prolonged period.

As mentioned in Part 1 of this story I am not a health professional, simply a guy who has tried most things and knows what works for me. In terms of technique I find it most effective to strain a muscle by going slow whilst contracting the muscle on the way down and then fast and controlled on the way up.

My current gym routine is three morning sessions (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and two lunch time sessions (Tuesday and Thursday) every week. I like to change up which muscle group I do on which day so that it does not get monotonous.

This week I trained shoulders on Monday, chest on Tuesday, legs on Wednesday, back on Thursday and biceps and triceps on Friday. The morning workouts are around 1 hour 10 minutes, which incorporates a brief 15 minute cardio bike ride at the end. The lunch workouts are 35 minutes.

In terms of cardio I play two games of high intensity basketball per week.

In relation to supplements in the early gym days I was taking a pre workout and lots of protein supplements. I have reduced this in recent times as I find you can get similar results from a high protein diet. What you do in the gym is almost pointless if your diet is not right so I will cover my diet regime in a future blog post.

What does all of this mean? well I can honestly say that I am much fitter, healthy, younger looking and happier ever since I became obsessed with my physical health. I have so much more energy now and I look back at the old me and think how much I have improved myself.

If you are after any tips about what has worked for me or specific workout regimes that I use please hit me up.