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Fit is everything

When you look closely at an outfit that really appeals to you one of the main factors as to why it appeals so much to the eye is because it is made perfectly for the body wearing it.

When I started to wear suits for work 14 years ago I was solely an off the rack suit and blazer buyer. I had no concept of making something fit perfectly through alterations either, but this was not a big deal to me at the time as I am lucky in that an off the rack suit usually fits me quite well for most brands.

However, I have over the last year started to get custom suits and blazers and once you wear a garment perfectly designed to your body it is very difficult to want to go back to off the rack.

The main reason I say this is as stated above the look is superior to any un-altered off the rack product because there will always be a component or two or even three that do not fit you properly with off the rack.

The second reason is the feel of a custom garment, it is absolutely amazing. When I tried on a custom garment for the first time I wondered why I didn't try it earlier because it gives you so much confidence wearing something that is made for you and which looks and feels so good.

A third reason is the amount of custom options that you can incorporate into the garment. Individual pieces are all the rave at the moment so with this blazer I have my initials on the inside pocket, chose patch pockets for a slightly less formal feel, selected the buttons and also the width of the lapel. There are many more custom options as well.

The reason why I had not tried custom suiting previously was for two main reasons, 1. Ignorance and 2. Cost. It's obvious that a custom product will always cost you more however the superior product that you get makes it all worth while in my view.

If custom is out of the question for you a great fit can still be obtained with alterations of off the rack suits and blazers which is well worth considering if you are after that superior look.

This Double breasted blazer is made from a combination fabric for lighter weight as well as not being fully lined, making it perfect for spring/summer. Its from a great custom suit brand Hermen Menswear.

Photo - Adelaide Street Stalker