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November 28, 2018

September 9, 2018

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How I styled my latest shoot look

October 26, 2017


I just got back some new shoot content and based on my reasons for start this blog to explain about how I style my outfits I want to provide a bit of insight why I chose the items that I did in this look.


When starting to choose an outfit the first thing that I do is to pick a new item or something that I really like in my existing collection as the centre piece which I then plan all the other items around that.


In this case, given it is Spring and racing season I chose the small check red and white blazer from @brooksfieldaustralia as its something that I think not many people would wear and therefore shows off some individuality which is what style is all about.


After the blazer selection I work on the rest of the top half of the outfit. Once again thinking Spring racing season, which is all about floral patterns and bright colours, I chose this navy and white flowered shirt as it complements the blazer.


Rather than add another colour and or pattern to what was becoming a busy look I opted for a solid navy knit tie and navy square with small white spots. These accessories complement the shirt and blazer.


Some people talk about limiting a look to two different colours. I am not a believer of this and therefore the fawn coloured chinos were included as a contrast to the top half of the look.


As the outfit was quite colourful I wanted to contrast it further with my footwear choice. Enter the brown leather loafers from @stefanoborella which are a gorgeous pair of shoes and are contrasting and complementary with the fawn chinos. Their shiny finish also brings a certain element of class to the look. The shoes are further exposed by the no sock look which is perfect for warmer days.


I am faired skin and rather than having to slap on sunscreen all day, which becomes less likely as the day progresses and the drinks add up, I added this wide brim hat from @adelaidehatters for that extra level of style.


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