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A little story on why I have started this blog

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I have been styling and posting Instagram images on my page @stevetillystlye for approximately 2.5 years now. Over this time I have begun to refine my style and narrow down why I make a conscious effort to dress well every single day.

As most people know Instagram is purely a visual median with users scrolling through images and only for a split second stopping at something that catches their eye, double tapping, and then scrolling on. So whilst a particular suit or dapper look may attract attention the majority of people don't understand why it has caught the eye and what makes it work.

This is essentially the reason for commencing this blog to start to explain in more detail how I go about making the choices that I do when selecting a suit combination and I hope that this may in turn help men in doing the same when they choose an outfit.

As well as this I also want to blog more about the gentleman lifestyle which I lead which will cover things such as diet, staying healthy, looking after your skin, hair cut styles, clothing brands that I am wearing as well as many other gentleman matters.