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My name is Steve Tilbrook and I am a menswear enthusiast who has a flare for men's dapper fashion. I am a happily married man of 12 years and have two gorgeous children, Tasmin (9) and Jace (6). I believe that the suit is the modern man's best way to show they serious about themselves and putting their best foot forward which ultimately leads to positive outcomes in business and life in general.


I have always thought the way you portray yourself and what you wear is critical to how people see you. Early in my professional working career as a Town Planner, which now spans 15+ years, I would wear the standard shirt slacks and a tie, but never a suit. I have seen in Australia that the suit is becoming less common, mainly because of Australian's laid back nature and hot climate, and a pair of slacks and open neck shirt is the go to. 


I don't recall the exact moment, but one day I decided to make a change and to step up my style game at work. I did this by starting to wear suits but also most importantly experimenting with different colours, patterns and overall looks. The result was the commencement of so much positive feedback at work I was very surprised.

At a similar time I had started working out at the gym and was watching my diet. I saw positive results in all aspects of my life and this culminated in promotions at work.

In 2014 I started my men's style page on Instagram 'Stevetillystyle'. My initial goal with it was everyday things in my life however this shifted to mens fashion shortly after as I was very inspired from seeing so much men's fashion from around the world. I then started to post pictures of my work looks and tagging the big accounts as well as commenting. 

My initial goal was to see if I could achieve 1,000 followers and this happened pretty quickly. As I spent more time speaking with other fellow fashion enthusiasts from around the world and in other states of Australia my friend network grew as well. This resulted in my follower rate increasing quite quickly, this was also at a time when the IG algorithm did not exist, posts came up on your feed in order of them being posted by your followers.

I vividly remember being about 2,500 follower mark and I received a Direct Message from a tie brand wanting to send me a tie of my choice for posting on my page. Being hugely into fashion I was completely stoked and took up the offer.

This was the first of many collaborations to come and to this day I can still not believe that because I like men's fashion and I put out there in the ethos what I like it has resulted in interest. Amazing.

As well as men's fashion I am a full time Town Planner by trade. My other hobbies include hitting the gym 5 times a week, playing basketball 3 times a week, eating healthy (mostly), spending time with family and friends over a cold beer and enjoying movies.

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