Who is Steve

Hi, my name is Steve Tilbrook and I hope that you are well.


Have you ever tried an outfit on and seen yourself in the mirror and gone 'damn I look good'. I bet you have, and I bet you either purchased the outfit or it instantly became one of your go to looks. Well my aim is to always dress that way so that you look good, feel confident, others notice you looking good and overall you are more confident and able to perform at your best.

I also believe that looking and feeling confident does not just end with what you are wearing. I believe that to live your best life you need to also look after your health (physical, diet and mental), ensure the right mindset and live by simple and effective values. I want to share my lifestyle approach with others in the hope that it may resonate and help people achieve their overall goals in life.

I have always thought the way you portray yourself and what you wear is critical to how people see you. Early in my professional working career as a Town Planner, which now spans 17+ years, I would wear the standard shirt slacks and a tie, but never a suit. I have seen in Australia that the suit is becoming less common, mainly because of Australian's laid back nature and hot climate, and therefore a pair of slacks and open neck shirt is the go to. However, I have never been one to follow the standard trends and think wearing garments for your body type that show elevated style also provides the stepping stones to a great life.

In 2014 I started my men's style page on Instagram 'Stevetillystyle' (now @steve_tilly). My goal has always been to show off what I consider to be effective men's fashion.

I am a happily married man of 14 years and have two gorgeous children, Tasmin (10) and Jace (7). I believe that the suit is the modern man's best way to show a person is serious about themselves and putting their best foot forward which ultimately leads to positive outcomes in business and life in general.


Through learning new and developing thinking around health, mindset and living the best life from some of the worlds experts this website now includes lifestyle stories that I have personally experienced and that have provided me with positive value in the hope that the lessons can also provide positive value for all.

If you have any questions as all I welcome you to contact me via the contact tab above or via my Instagram page @Steve_tilly